Hi, I’m  your f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶l̶y̶ misanthropic neighborhood spiritworker & Hellenic Polytheist. When I’m not working on plans for world domination, interacting with spirits, doing religious stuff and things, and “playing G-d” with my poor, defenseless characters, I work a customer service job – which is honestly just like living in a zombie apocalypse, but without the one and only perk that would normally come with it.

As for my actual religious practices, they’re a blend of a lot of different things.

While I consider myself a Hellenic Polytheist, I do not have a completely reconstructionist approach to my religious practice, and I do believe in and practice different things on the side that go completely outside of Hellenic Polytheism. Sometimes I blend the different sides of my practices together, when it feels right to do so, but for the most part, I tend to focus on these things separately. You know how some people really don’t like the food on their plate touching? Yeah, that’s kind of what I mean here. I might really love pot roast, and I might also really love mashed potatoes, but I don’t necessarily want the two mixing. I prefer to enjoy them separately. Great, now I’ve made myself hungry.

To elaborate:

Hellenic Polytheism: I worship the Theoi and regard them with great respect like a good little HP. That said, I have a closer relationship to certain Heroes, so while I worship the Theoi the way a HP ought to, I have a more personal connection to a few of the Heroes, and devote more of my time to them.

While I do honor all of the Theoi, I have a particular connection to Aphrodite. I also consider myself to be part of the “Ares Defense Squad,” because damn, that guy gets misrepresented like no one else. In fact, I’m pretty defensive over many of the Theoi and Heroes, because of how poorly they tend to be portrayed in popular media these days.

Spiritwork: I work with the dead. It’s funny, because I used to be absolutely 110% repulsed by the very idea, I was extremely closed-minded, and I had a very narrow, black-and-white sort of moralistic view on the subject. Then I got my “familiar,” Rao, a vintage red fox pelt. I originally got her to use for artistic reference, since I’ve been doing artwork for a wild canine simulation game that I’ve been working on. I felt this unexplainable connection to her, and over time, I’ve come to see her as my “familiar.” I now work with several other animal spirits. Respecting the dead is a pretty major Hellenic value, and that definitely comes into play here.

Disclaimer: The content for this blog is going to be a blend of all kinds of things, with a heavy dose of *~*UPG*~*

Also, this blog is not for the easily offended. I won’t always check myself when it comes to cursing, and I can and will share opinions on controversial subjects that people are bound to disagree with.